Wednesday, March 12, 2014

small things

a multitude of small delights
constitutes happiness'
         c. baudelaire
 It has been forever since I have done a 'small things' post. I hope you'll indulge my whims as I look back a little on the camera roll. I honestly feel it has been such a whirlwind start to the year. Holiday? What holiday? That feels almost too far back to remember. I'm sure I've definitely forgotten that relaxed, almost blissed out state I was in for just a moment or two back in January. 
And now suddenly, it's autumn. Almost overnight there is that distinctive change in temperature. It's beautiful in the sun, but that warmth isn't quite the same is it?  Eva obviously felt the same. Last weekend she knitted new scarves for her favourite cuddly friends.

Some of these images have been in my instagram feed. Apologies if they seem familiar!
Apologies too if you're thinking you've seen one or two dahlias too many. I did ask you to indulge me just a little.  They truly are a multitude of small delights so far as I'm concerned. And I'm afraid it is nearly the end of the season, so surely there can't be that many more photos I can take. Can there?
Maybe I shouldn't speak too soon!
On the work front I've been trying to knuckle down and get cracking on a few projects which I'm not quite ready to chat about yet. Possibly because I allow myself to get distracted. Procrastination is definitely one of my strong points, especially if the task at hand involves putting myself 'out there' a little. We shall see. I've told one or two friends about the projects because I know they'll keep me on the straight and narrow. Both good and bad!

Everyday snapshots. I hope you also have a multitude of small delights bringing you much happiness.

Amanda xx

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  1. What a lovely post. For me it really is the small things that make me happy. Right now it's the smell of the hyacinth on the table next to me.

  2. I have another project for you to think about . . . Zinnias! (not that I'll ever tire of Dahlias) but zinnias are creeping up my list of floral gorgeousness. The same bright colours and cheeky cheerful factor.


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