Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the rough with the smooth

Yes, it is one of life's metaphors, but it's also one of those interior juxtapositions that works so well.
I love mixing the rough with the smooth. It's an element of the unexpected, a bit haphazard, it automatically makes a space feel more relaxed, less sit-up-straight, more comfortable and cool.

A small corner of my home by way of example. Smooth luxe velvet sofa meets rough around the edges pallet coffee table. And while we're at it, lovely worn but newly polished wooden floorboards meet chunky concrete. Clearly a case of opposites not only attracting, but rubbing along quite nicely together too.

It's my favourite spot for a morning coffee. Or a glass of wine at night too come to think about it. I just have to race the rest of the family to get there first because it appeals to one and all. Including the dog. Aside from the view outside, this little corner also has my latest magazine stash, favourite inspirational books and a few imperfectly arranged treasures.

And talk about rough with smooth. A recent visitor was shocked - actually quite horrified I think - to see that I had repurposed an old Chinese chamber pot as a pot plant holder. Well, I'd like to think that I have indeed rescued it from a past life that is probably best not dwelt on for too long! Suffice to say that it deserves a nice view and a fragrant candle. It's also a great example of listening to your heart and not your head. Decorating from the heart, because I absolutely love my chamber pot, allows me to move on, and gives me the freedom to ignore any so-called rules or difficult considerations, and to trust my instincts.

Amanda xx

(Incidentally, gorgeous Bonnie & Neil screenprint cushion from Small Acorns. Stunning roses photograph by Kari Herer.) Pin It


  1. rough with smooth--I like it. I so love peeks at your colorful, eclectic home. Yesterday I was going through your old India posts--want to make a trip there one day.

  2. Yours may be my favorite house in blogland.

    Color, flowers, and furniture I truly covet.

    Believe me when I say these are images I crave in while living in this frozen tundra we call spring.

    xo j

  3. "Small Acorns" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  4. calligraphy brushes! : )
    Jo x

  5. Hi Amanda,
    Your house is beautiful... I love all the colours and the Asian feel. I have been away from blogging for a few years, but am back and loving reading everyone's blogs...including yours. We're planning a family trip to NZ next year., may have to pop in to your shop and say hi. Have a lovely day, Sarah x

  6. Im sure the chamber pot is thrilled to be upcycled so beautifully. My Grandma told me that they were often called Jemimas . . . and poor Grandad was horrified, because his mothers name was Jemima, so no-one in the family was ever allowed to refer to the pot with that name.


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